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  • Corso Italia 238, (Agenzia ETS 3rd floor) - 80067 Sorrento (NA)
  • +39 081 878 2231

ETS and Suppliers, together to improve sales and marginality

Your account manager is not only a travel agent and an expert in technology, but is someone who shares your same interests, providing you with personalised advice and analysis. 

Today, thanks to technology, distribution has become global and the most diverse aspects must be taken into account. Thanks to our competence and attention to details we able to guarantee the best deals both to our clients and suppliers. Together we analyze all aspects, of our strengths and weaknesses, concentrating mainly on the latter with ad hoc campaigns for


- Increasing occupation
- Extending of the minimum stay
- Providing weekday occupation
- Advance bookings to secure a business base
- Programmes targeted for families, couples and singles
- Checking competitors' offers in order to create value for our guests